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Claudine, a bright-eyed girl with a blonde bob, has strong feelings about Santa: “He watched you when you were sleeping and when you were awake. Which was snooping.” Then there’s the fact that he sneaks into kids’ houses in the middle of the night. Claudine attempts to derail Santa’s impending home invasion by acting so naughty that he won’t visit her house, a course of action that doesn’t thrill her older sister. Retro details add charm to Kaufman’s cheery illustrations (Claudine sings along to a record player during a loud, late-night performance of “Silent Night”), and it’s always clear that there’s no maliciousness behind her bad behavior. Jennings playfully suggests that skepticism (and an awareness of one’s own comfort zone) is a good thing—and something Santa can respect, as it turns out. Ages 3–7. [Publishers Weekly]

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"Gr 2–4—This smartly written beginning chapter book introduces young readers to a cat named Hissy. Hissy Fitz, to be precise (he takes his human family's last name). The play on words is a sound one, since Hissy is about to lose it, as he is desperate for a nap. Readers will chuckle along as they see a day played out from Hissy's point of view. ... With its short chapters, snappy dialogue, and fast-moving plot, this book will be popular with newly independent readers who enjoy Megan McDonald's "Stink" books, Suzy Kline's "Horrible Harry" titles, Hilary McKay's "Lulu" series. " —School Library Journal
"Young fans of YouTube's Grumpy Cat will be smitten with Hissy, the crabby feline hero of Jennings's latest animal tale." —Publishers Weekly





"At last: a humorous, useful and pedantry-free book about bullying!" —Kirkus Reviews, starred

"...a delightful book, one that stands with classics such as Avi's Poppy. A remarkable story and a great read-aloud." School Library Journal


Now in paperback!


"The key to the series’ success is Jennings’s great story-telling skills, with a sly sense of humor that never flounders or fails. Even his least likeable characters are lovable, and the lovable ones are enchanting. Animal lovers will adore the book—lovers of fantasy will appreciate the far-out leaps of faith." —The Boston Globe
"Youngsters will eagerly jump in for another fast, fun read." —Kirkus Reviews
"Another cute and laugh-out-loud entry in the series." —School Library Journal